Welcome, this site is still under construction but should be finished shortly, with spell check and all. The images up here currently are subject to change, edits and resize, at the moment they have been thrown up here without much thought and organisation!

Welcome to the Zwets Photography site, here you can find a brief overview of my work, essentially my portfolio. I have been interested in photography since I was a kid, having developed my skills and expanded my knowledge over the years I have put together this site to showcase my work. Currently this is divided into 3 sections, Wildlife, Dressage and Portraiture.

Wildlife is a passion of mine, spending time in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature is to me my version of heaven. Of course the only piece of technology I want with me is usually my camera. Photographing nature is probably the most difficult part of photography, the inability to change the lighting, often unable to change position once your settled and usually only get one chance to capture what you see.

Finally the portraiture section covers everything from weddings, fashion, glamour to classic portraits, this will be the only section you will find flash photography on this site.

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